Birkan´s Deck of Intuitive Answers
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”Birkan’s Deck of Intuitive Answers”


is designed by Birkan Tore to help you find the answers you are looking for by using your intuition. Each card is like a little key to unlock your intuition and help you receive information from your intuitive mind and higher spiritual realms. You can use these cards to give intuitive readings to yourself or others.

Intuition is not a gift that is given only to a select few but a sense we all possess. By using the Deck of Intuitive Answers, you can also awaken your intuition and as you continue to practice with the cards, you’ll see the difference in clarity and the length of your readings! This deck is intended for not only trained intuitive practitioners but anyone who is willing to tap into their intuition for guidance.

The deck contains 72 intuitive answers that were channeled over a number of years by Birkan Tore during his intuitive sessions and meditations.

Birkan Tore is a teacher of intuition, spiritual coach and published author who’s also the originator of the Atlantean Healing modality. Birkan started sharing his intuition with others at the age of nine when he first began giving readings with playing cards. Later, Birkan became a student and reader of Tarot in addition to his extensive work with a wide variety of oracle cards.

He is now sharing his love of cartomancy with others through his own oracle decks, starting with ”Birkan’s Deck of Intuitive Answers”.

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