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Symbolon innehåller 78 kort inkl. ett instruktionshäfte.

Som namnet syftar så innehåller denna lek ett stort symbolspråk som gör tolkningen till lek! Spänner över bla: Astrologi,

Astrology, personal insights, and symbolism in daily life are revealed.

The Symbolon deck is a pictorial representation of the twelve astrological archetypes and their relationships, all depicted as persons. Their content is based on hundreds of therapeutic sessions with patients and draws from fairy tales, mythology, religion and common archetypes.

You should consider the symbolon deck as a blueprint of the author's complete therapeutic knowledge.

It can be used to clarify astrological constellations, but the authors developed a set of twelve spreads to be used seperately from astrology. Ingrid Zinnel even defined meanings for them as "card of the day", with self-empowering statements.

The artist did an outstanding job. No other deck has these amount of breathtaking images.

This is one of the few decks that shows the whole spectrum, from very dark/frightening to blissfully happy....and everything in between.

So many of the images come from myths, folktales and fairytales. It's bursting with archetypes. Many cards are so reminiscent of Tarot images (minors and majors). THis deck uses run the gamut from inner shadow work, persona/mask identification, relationship issues, storytelling, divination, self-growth, inspiration, creative writing prompts, spiritual pathworking/exploration and self-actualization.

As you can see this deck's range is broad and many layered. The sky is the limit as to how this deck may be used. The images evoke some very strong reactions and can set your exploration and imagination off in many directions.

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