Crystal Ally Cards
Art Nr SD_9780962191015

The Crystal Ally Cards - Crystal Path To Self-Knowledge reveal a whole new level of gemstone information, and then take you a step farther, allowing you to immediately apply information to situations in your own life.

The channeled artwork of these cards creates a field of energetic resonance with the user, allowing you to use the cards to divine current and future life issues.

Crystal Ally Cards are a vividly illustrated oracle deck and book set which opens the user to the mystical world of crystals and gemstones and their healing energies as well as their divinatory powers.

Naisha Ahsian™s evocative visionary art and practical, step-by-step guidance make this set a simple yet powerful tool for beginners as well as advanced practitioners.

ca 2-4v. leverans

Pris SEK 425.00


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